Information for Welsh Learners

Welsh and our Christian Faith

Services in Tabernacl Bridgend/Porthcawl are held in Welsh, including 4 hymns, a sermon and prayers. An interesting feature of the Bridgend and Porthcawl Tabernacl Chapels is that you will hear many different Welsh accents: members of the two chapels come from all parts of Wales and beyond. Do not worry if you do not understand everything in the service! Whenever the Minister takes the service, a short summary of the sermon will be provided in English, and any member of the congregation will be happy to help you with vocab if needed. There are several useful resources available online also.

Welsh Hymns

We use the hymn book ‘Caneuon Ffydd’, which includes both traditional and modern hymns in Welsh. Much information about Welsh hymns may be found on the Cristnogaeth Cymru website, including a link to Richard Gillion’s Angelfire website with translations of Welsh hymns into English.

Welsh Bibles

The Beibl Newydd Cymraeg was published in 1988, and (written in simple spoken Welsh) was published in 2013. Both versions of the Bible are used in our services, and they may also be accessed online.

Learning Welsh

The National Learn Welsh Centre organises both online and in-person Welsh courses in our local area. It’s also possible to learn using the Say Something in Welsh and Duolingo apps.

Reading and Listening to Welsh